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Professional tips to fix your leaking vape tank

Fix Leaking vape tank

It is a stark reality that at some point in their life, vapers of all competence have experienced a leaking vape tank. Although occasional slip-ups can happen over time, it’s time to get serious when the vape tank leakage occurs consistently, from time to time. Our Vape Abu Dhabi also had few cases regarding leaking vape tanks. So, we decided to discuss numerous pro tips to fix your leaking vape tank in order to stop experiencing this dreadful scenario again and again.

Tighten and secure your vape device but not too much!

A crucial reason behind the vape tank leakage is due to the over-tightening of the coil and tank the wrong way. There is potentially a high chance of creating gaps at the juncture where the coil meets the atomizer. The e-liquids in the device can easily ooze out of these gaps when tightening the tank with the coil. Cross-threading is the term used to denote this incorrect method of attaching the tank with the coil. This can be easily avoided if you take ample time to carefully connect the threads of both components precisely into the respective heads. Furthermore, none of the e-liquids will escape the tank if everything is perfectly attached to each other. A properly connected coil and atomizer are essential to fix vape tank leakage.

Vaping Is all about Slow And Steady Draws

Bear in mind that vaping and smoking are two completely distinct things, and while the techniques may look similar, vaping is not the same as smoking. When you smoke, something has already been lit and is burning. As a result, you are free to take short, sharp cigarette drags.

There is a high chance of vape tank leakage if you aren’t inhaling properly through your electronic cigarettes. Vaping also takes longer since the coil in your atomizer head needs ample time to heat up when you press the button, and e-liquid needs time to be sucked into your coil before being converted into appetising vapour as you draw. Your drag should be long, slow, steady, and constant because if you don’t wait that long, your e-liquid will not be able to vaporise and is prone to leakage. Hence, we recommend you to take a steady, smooth drag instead of a sharp one, as this can cause you to absorb too much e-liquid into the narrow tube, similar to smoking cigarettes. If you are new to vaping, it may take some time to get acclimated to the system, but with practice, you will quickly catch up and become comfortable with it.

Fill Your Vape Tank With The Right Quantity Of E-Liquid

A major reason for vape tank leakage is due to filling the e-liquid in the tank up to the brim. You have to always ensure that the vape tank is not overfilled and ample space is left at the top of the tank to create the necessary vacuum in the system. This also prevents the e-liquids from seeping into the airflow vents designed in the vaping system. Furthermore, people who have just started their vaping journey should ensure to gently pour the e-liquid without filling them all the way to the top.

Change Your Battered Vape Coil

Changing your vape coil once in a while is paramount to realizing a leak free vaping experience. An old and dilapidated vape coil will definitely obstruct your device from offering optimal performance as expected. So change your wrecked vape coil on witnessing the indications of a vape tank leakage or a burnt taste while vaping.

Is there something wrong with your vape tank?

Well, you will pretty much realise quickly when there is a complication in your vape tank. Any signs of damage in the form of small cracks will surely be an impediment to achieving a seamless vaping session. You will definitely notice signs of vape tank leakage as a result of these cracks. Additionally, there are also vaping hardware known as O- rings, and if there is any impairment in them, you will see tank leakages. But it is not something to be worried about, as usually there will be a bunch of O-rings for replacement.

Every problem has a solution

Leaking from vape tanks is unfortunately one of the unavoidable realities which a vaper has to face at some point along his vaping journey. But all problems comes with a solution and by following the above mentioned pro tips, any vaper can either minimise the damage or entirely fix the vape tank leakage.

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