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Best Vape Brands in the market [2022]

Best Vape Brands

Vaping is an emotion that takes us to a world of satisfaction. It rejuvenates our senses with healthy and delectable flavoured smokes that boost our mood. Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are non-addictive and are designed to meet health standards.

The current scenario witnessed a pandemic hit the world, leaving everyone desperate to realise how much a healthy body is necessary for healthy living. This time, people understood the value of a healthy respiratory system for an amorous immunity against the dreadful viruses that intend to conquer our lives.

A conventional tobacco cigarette ruled the world until the 21st century, precisely until 2003. In 2003, people started to explore the adventure of smoking by finding a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes.

The Appeal To Switch Into Vaping

In an era where our very existence has come into question, people have learnt to inspect the quality of every product they use to ensure that it never threatens the quality of their health and well-being. It marked the popularity of vape devices all around the world. Electronic cigarettes are designed more like a lifesaver, devoid of the toxic effects of combustible cigarette smoking. 

Unlike conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes explore the world of smoky wonders without any toxic side effects. Above all, the wide range of variants in power, nicotine strength, flavours, and smoke clouds the e-cigarettes provide an add-on to the bonus. There is also certain knowledge and information about vape mods, one needs to know.

Authenticity is the King

Authenticity is a vital part of excellence. Only the best products could survive in any industry. When taking vaping into account, with the growing demand for this healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes, a lot of vape brands came into existence within the last five years. However, like any other industry, the vape industry also has a few fake and dubious product brands available in the market. So, to find the best brands that satiate the desires of every vaper is a challenging task that could be achieved through a trial and error process. Being vape fanatics ourselves, we have conducted trial and error tests on the most popular vape brands in the world that we sell in our online Vape Abu Dhabi shop. Considering the transparency and authenticity of each brand, we list out the top vape brands in the global market in 2022.

Our pick on best vape brands in 2022:

YUOTOYuoto Badge

YUOTO is the best option for budget-friendly, high-standard disposable vape pods that offer us uncountable vape flavours. YUOTO devices are designed with MasterCraft precision and high tank capacity that could hold a greater amount of e-liquids enough for more than a week. Yuoto pods contain high nicotine salt strength blended with relishing flavours that offers the best alternative to combustible cigarettes. Yuoto became the most trending Disposables in 2021.


Vaporesso badge

Created in 2015, VAPORESSO has set their goals towards establishing a smoke-free world while enhancing the quality of life of users relying on VAPORESSO for a healthy vaping adventure. Through their spontaneous innovations, strict quality control and significant commitment, VAPORESSO updates its collection with products that relish the taste buds of every vaper. Built of durable zinc alloy, VAPORESSO pods have premium appeal to captivate the attention of anyone in the near vicinity. VAPORESSO strives to fulfil its mission of  ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ with its authentic products.

SMOKSmok Badge

Founded in 2010, SMOK established itself in the vape market with the sole focus of inventing new and better techniques for a seamless vaping session for everyone. This international brand has a wholesome collection of e-cigarettes that satisfies both newbie vapers the seasoned pros. With stable product performance, genuine quality and popular reviews, this brand has already acclaimed international recognition. SMOK is one of the first brands to introduce variable wattage features in both beginners’ pods as well as intermediate e-cigarette kits.


Voopoo BadgeEstablished in 2010, VOOPOO is an international vape brand that focuses on technology innovation and investment that offers a seamless vaping session with a durable vape adventure. The diverse options of kits provided by VOOPOO are something that leaves us in awe. Over a decade of expertise, VOOPOO kits still sustain their epic legacy of original powerful and impactful vapes through its latest updates. The vast colour options for kits from VOOPOO again deserve appreciation. Its built designs are something that even a non-vapour would crave.

MYLEMyle badgeStarted the journey in 2016, MYLE became a splendid addition to the vaping community within years of trustworthy services. MYLE was designed to keep chain smokers in mind, helping them switch on to a healthy smoking habit. The design of this inventive pod emulates traditional cigarettes in every aspect, and effortlessly maintains the same level of satisfaction. With the advanced vape technology, the pod incorporates an exceptionally smooth puff. The splendid flavours of e-juices from MYLE are available in 0.9 ml with battery support of 240mAh.

GEEK VAPEGeek vape Badge

Founded in 2015, GEEK VAPE is a worldwide pioneer in innovation and health practice in vape technology. With global recognition for its high-standard products, GEEK VAPE listens to different voices to learn the needs of vapers and updates its collection that contributes to a positive impact on society by bringing out a habit of a healthier vape experience. The stunning pods have a remarkable tank capacity with intuitive airflow control that makes them stand out in excellence.

JUUL Juul Badge

Starting the vaping journey in 2015, JUUL became one of the pioneers in the vaping industry within just a few years of unrivalled services. The device has a stylish built design for a more thrilling vaping experience. The stylishly sleek device contains a bunch of dual elements: the temperature regulation system and battery at the lower part; and a pod containing e-juice and mouthpiece at the top. JUUL offers numerous flavour options that could rejuvenate the senses of vapers. With a nicotine strength of 3.5% to 5%, the pods contain about 0.7 ml of e-juice. The product has an unbeatable sleek and stylish appeal that drives the attention of anyone effortlessly. JUUL often updates its collection of innovative pods and delectable flavours that every beginner could deftly indulge in for a lifetime connection.


Eleaf badge

Founded in 2011, ELEAF is one of the best globally known vaping brands that is reliable for great value products. The thoughtful innovation from ELEAF including the iJust series and iStick has already gained a tremendous international reputation among vapers. ELEAF was proficient in developing innovative technologies that enhanced product quality to meet the desires of every vaper over a decade. ELEAF reflects its slogan “Simply Smart” through its kits with unique designs at affordable prices, leaving anyone spellbound. The brand deserves an appreciation for persistently offering innovative designs, elegance and the highest quality at the best prices.


Wismec Badge

Established in 2015, WISMEC is a brand that believes in client satisfaction for business development. The brand is dedicated to creating astonishing products that cater to the needs of vapers by providing an ultimate vaping experience. The WISMEC vape kits are powerful and well-crafted vaping systems that integrate a shock and water-resistant design. The opulent finish of these high-quality, heavy-weight vape pods brings out the pride in the vaper for the robust finish it offers.

VGODVgod Badge

Founded in 2013, VGOD is globally recognised as one of the best companies in the vaping scene. The brand is specialized in hardcore vaping gear for vaping tricks including cloud chasing. VGOD line consists of high-power mech and vape mods with a sleek build that is absolutely user-friendly. The exquisite flavours from these pods rejuvenate and refresh our senses.

Although there are many top vape manufacturers out there, these brands stood out in our day-to-day sales in our online vape shop. People love these brands for their reputation and what they stand for. This list wasn’t made all of a sudden, but with a genuine review prepared with infinite trial and error method.

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