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Information on Vape Mods that every vaper need to know

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Are you seeking to uplift your vaping experience? Well, then it’s probably time to amp up your vaping sessions with the goodness of the heavy-duty vape mods. These devices are not just systems that feature the bare minimum functionalities but are much more sophisticated machines with advanced features like temperature regulation and several other features for enhanced performance. The best vape mods are exceptionally functional and offer optimal performance. It is not like your regular vape pens and showcases several options on the screen embedded in its body. And although several options are available in all the advanced vape mods, the different kinds of features in them are not universal and vary with respect to individual brands. In some vape mods, you can have access to understand the resistance of the vape coil, while in more advanced devices you can enjoy voice-command recognition. The features and functionalities of every vape mod are not superior to the other, but what classifies them as the best vape mods is the level of efficiency and comfort the devices offer to the user. All kinds of vape mods can be found here in our online Vape Abu Dhabi store.

Same, But Different!

Vaping offers a sensational experience to the user, and with plenty of e-liquids available in the market, the rise in production of sophisticated vape mods have also risen according to the explicit requirements of the individual. And just before scouring online for the top vape mods out there, it is wise to figure out if the vape mods are ingeniously crafted to offer efficiency, comfort and extended battery cycle. And before jumping to conclusions, it is best to get acquainted with different types of vape mods to understand what each one of them has to offer the vaper. Renowned mods such as GeekVape Aegis Boost, Drag 2 by Voopoo, Vaporesso GEN Nano Starter Kit, etc., are some of the vaping systems worth a try for high octane vaping sessions.

Unique mod varieties

On a yearly basis, hundreds of variants of diverse vape mods are being designed, manufactured and introduced both in the local and international market. While all of them may be classified into one category, the functionalities and their features differ to a great degree. The various types of vape mods include :

  1. Box Mods – Box mods are the first and foremost variant among the best vape mods available currently in the world. True to their name, the Box Mods is a heavy-duty electronic cigarette that resembles the shape of a box. They are much bigger in proportion than an average electronic cigarette with either an integrated battery set up that is already installed in them or may also be a variant with removable battery options. And interestingly, both options probably have several adjustment settings in them. These box mods can help the vapers to turn up a notch in terms of power and tune down whenever required. Furthermore, we highly recommend you to try the Drag Mini By Voopoo, and Smok G-Priv 3, which are some of the best box mods that you should definitely try once in a lifetime.
  2. Mechanical/Mech Mods: Mechanical mods variants capable of enticing the cloud chasers into ecstasy. They are basically tube-shaped mods made entirely from metal. Moreover, they are devoid of complex electrical parts on the inside, but interestingly, the anatomy of the device is such that, once you press the button, the battery inside the device lifts from the inside to make an electrical connection. It is also very crucial to understand each and every nuance of Mechanical mods to ensure utmost safety when operating them.
  3. Squonk Mods: The classy squonk mods have created a revolution in the past, but recently it has been receiving less popularity due to their technologically superior counterparts. It basically consists of three variants of mods together, which includes the likes of a normal electronic cigarette, a Mechanical mod and an RDA. This all in one device had gained notoriety for providing the vapers with a hands-free dripping solution like no other device. The squonking methods have been quite popular as manual dripping may be frowned upon by many, as it sometimes tends to get messy. With the help of a squonk mod, you can easily continue vaping without any hassle, and all you ever need to do is – squeeze the bottle of e-juice integrated into the device up to the coil and enjoy a hand-free dripping and vaping, all day long. Once the juice gets depleted, you can replace them with another bottle of luscious e-liquid. 
  4. Slimline Mods – The last word for efficiency and convenience! These slimline mods are exceptionally efficient vape mods and provide the user with massive performance, along with unparalleled functionality. They are manufactured with an integrated battery and are dimensionally small in size. Thus vapers can easily tag them along anywhere they go, instead of carrying a heavy burden of those huge vape mods

Vaping is ultimately about convenience and comfort! And rightly so, there are no perfect vape mods in the world and everything depends upon the convenience of the user and his preference. The user must clean the device regularly for optimal performance and durability. So go for an all-out experience to find out the mods that suit your personal style, taste and comfort.

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