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Tips to avoid Vape Battery Explosions

Vape battery explosion

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! This saying has repeatedly proven to be accurate in a variety of situations all around the world. This is also true in the case of vape batteries and their explosions. Although rare, vape battery explosions have apparently occurred around the world, causing serious injury to users.  

So what causes these unfortunate vape battery explosions?

Electronic cigarettes are quite advanced and are among the best equipment for enjoying a flawless vaping session. However, a variety of factors have caused vape battery explosions, resulting in catastrophic injuries when charging or using them. The following are the most common causes of vape battery explosions:

  • Manufacturer Negligence –

    One of the most prevalent causes of vape battery explosions is when the manufacturer fails to properly inform the user on the correct usage, handling, and storage of the batteries used in the vaping equipment.

  • Issues with Quality Control –

    Due to a lack of quality and safety control norms and laws, the market has become flooded with dubious vape products, which tragically end up in the hands of unsuspecting users.

  • User Negligence

    – A common scenario that occurs seldom in the vaping world is that of users who inadvertently or carelessly use outdated, incompatible, or impaired batteries into their vape devices. These batteries are incapable of supporting the vape device, resulting in vape battery explosions.

Pro Tips To Avoid Vape Battery Explosions

1. Explore The Users Manual Thoroughly To Understand About The   Battery Saftety Regulations

All genuine vaping systems come with a comprehensive user’s manual, which must be read in order to gain a better understanding of the system, how to use it, and where to store it. You can avoid a lot of disasters, including vape battery explosions, by knowing everything there is to know about the device and the batteries.

2. Utilize Batteries That Are Specifically Designed For Your Vape   System.

Using batteries that are recommended for your vape device is the best thing you can do to engage in a wonderful vaping session. This is because these batteries are  explicitly made for your vaping device. These high calibre battery can offer the user with a hassle free vaping experience that is free from explosions or other complexities.  

3. Integrate The Use Of Vape Systems That Have Exceptional Battery Saftey Features.

Vape systems are powered by top-end batteries, which are the ultimate source of energy that allows them to offer epic performance. As a result, you may come across a variety of battery kinds during your vaping adventure. Always use vape devices with advanced battery safety features that do not hurt the user when used for prolonged vaping sessions. Different types of batteries, such as rechargeable batteries, single-use lithium-ion batteries, and so on, are used in these devices. 

4. Make Sure To Store Loose Batteries Away From Metal Objects To Avoid Contact.

Avoiding the contact of vape batteries with electronic and other gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops can ensure to keep them safe in case of an accidental fire or related mishaps. 

5. Do Not Use A Phone Charger To Charge Your Vape Device.

Rather than utilising the phone charger, it is preferable to utilise the charger that comes with the vape device. Because of the voltage incompatibility, using a phone charger to charge your vape device can result in a vape battery explosion. If the gadget is not charging regularly with its original company-made charger, it is best to turn it off and inspect it completely for any damage or damaged connections. Also, if you discover something wrong with the item when investigating it, stop using it. To get the best vaping experience, be sure to get genuine vape equipment from reputable vendors such as Vape Abu Dhabi.

6. Never Store The Vape Batteries In Your Car And Never Expose Them To Extreme Temperatures

It is worth knowing that prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold can impair the lifecycle of the battery. So it is best to keep them away from a locked car to avoid these extremities during the day or night. Hence, proper care for your batteries is a prerequisite for enjoying a fabulous vape session and keeping them away from high temperatures will help protect against any vape battery explosions.

7. Remember Not To Overcharge Your Battery.

Overheating is one of the most common causes of vape battery explosions, and it is usually the result of the device being overcharged. It’s preferable to charge vape devices according to the manufacturer’s recommended charging time. Overheating can also be caused by human error, such as leaving equipment charged overnight. Furthermore, high-end vape devices, like those sold by VM Abu Dhabi, have the ability to cease charging once the device’s battery capacity reaches its maximum potential.


So, integrate these pro tips in your daily vaping routine to enjoy a safe and seamless vaping session. If you want to learn more about battery safety, visit VM Abu Dhabi‘s complete guide to the dos and don’ts of battery safety.

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