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Guide to functioning and classification of Atomizers

Types Of Atomizers

The cornerstone of a vaping device is undoubtedly the “atomizer”. These vape atomizers are the primary device that emanates the vapor from e-juices. The flavorsome vapors that are enjoyed by users throughout the world are due to the proper functioning of this device. Over the years, these atomizers have evolved so much in terms of design and durability.
Although the designs have changed drastically, the working principle remains the same. Modern atomizers are built uniquely based on the number of coils. Some of them are designed for multiple coils, whereas the standard range that is mostly observed in the market is for single, double, and triple coils.

How do they work ?

The functioning of an atomizer is an effortless process. The wick present in the atomizer soaks up the e-juice from the cartridge or tank. Once they are fully wet, we push down the power button to activate the device. This powers the battery that generates electricity to energize the atomizer. An adequate amount of heat is then produced to warm up the coil. Gradually the warmth converts into sufficient heat which then vaporizes the e-juice to present in the wick. The vapor that has now filled around is then inhaled using the mouthpiece at the tip of the device. This process continues and produces mouth-watering vapor as long as the e-juice lasts.

Various types of atomizers From Vape Abu Dhabi

A surge in vaping has led to the evolution of not just different kinds of e-juices but different types of atomizers too. All of these devices are unique and function according to the diverse requirements of the users.

Disposable ones :

Made out of inexpensive materials, these atomizers are capable of a single time-use. These are typically in high demand among amateur vapers who have just started vaping or recently converted from cigarette smoking. Since they are one-time use, the user does not need to think about maintenance and is economically feasible.

Clearomizers :

This is one of the most popular types of atomizer currently known as MTL tanks. These are uncomplicated devices with a transparent tank. With this transparency, you can check the level of e-juices. They are very easy to operate and the coils can be replaced by unscrewing the base section. The shape of a clearomizer is cylindrical and is available with heating coils installed either on the top or bottom part of the device. They have high durability that can outlast the famed cartomizer devices. These traits make the clearomizer an expensive purchase than other types of atomizers.

Cartomizers :

These devices closely resemble the dimensions of a cigarette and are usually prefilled with e-juices. This can be an ideal type of atomizer for newbies who want to explore the nuances of vaping. They can also closely simulate the style and characteristics of cigarettes, which can be utilized by chain smokers to quit smoking. A significant benefit of the cartomizer is its ability to prolong the vaping experience. This is possible because the coils are usually enclosed with polyfill which leads to a longer duration of vaping.

Re-buildable atomizers

Simply referred to as RBA’s, these types of atomizers are highly flexible and capable of customization. A user can choose the level of resistance according to individual preferences. They are very rarely used by vapers who require a very specific range of resistance and vaping experience. These RBA’s are by far the cheapest you can find anywhere with regards to atomizers. There are three types of RBA’s known as


Rebuildable dripping atomizer is a type of atomizer where the user is supposed to apply the e-juice on the wicks and coils. Although a tank is attached to the atomizer, the capability to retain moisture by the wicks is extremely weak. So the user has to laboriously apply the e-juice frequently on the wicks.


Rebuildable tank atomizer that requires a complex setup. The users have to build up the whole system with multiple parts to use them. Although a great deal of time is spent on building this device, vapers find it worth the effort to gain an unparalleled vaping experience, unlike any other atomizer.

Choose between RDA vs RTA by comparing their performance.


Rebuildable dripping tank atomizer is effective in providing the unique benefits of both RTA and RDA. They are surprisingly capable of carrying a great amount of e-juice in their tank and they taste much better than an RTA-induced vapor.


These are the widely used vape atomizer units preferred by the latest generation for delightful flavors, multifaceted features, convenience, and variety. These powerful atomizers are used by the best vape brands in the market in their devices. These types of atomizers are available in two variants known as glassomizers and clearomizers. The former is highly sought for their high-quality build made from glass. The clearomizers are completely made of plastic and are less popular among the vapers..

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