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Looking for vape devices that offer massive performance yet want to carry something compact with a contemporary look? Well, our pod mods can be capable of offering you all these and more! They are quite sleek and aesthetically crafted devices that easily fit in your pocket. And also, do not be fooled by the compact dimension of these pod mods, as they still retain the utmost functionality and power that you normally receive from Box Mods.

Some of the iconic pod mods that we supply from our fabulous online vape store in Abu Dhabi includes Eleaf Compaq Pod Mod, Joyetech eGo Pod Kit etc. In general, lots of people are now opting for the pod mod’s high performance and multi-functional features. It gives you everything that a full-fledged box mod provides, and at the same time, makes these compact devices easier to tag along due to their compact propositions. Furthermore, you are able to pull off direct lung inhale and mouth to lung techniques with pod mods. Apart from the performance benefits, they provide several other advantages to the user that includes

  • Stealth vaping – The sheer proportion of these compact devices allows users to carry them along and take a puff when taking a stroll or at any place of preference.
  • Pro Beginners – Pod mods are compatible for use by beginners who have quit smoking and switched to vaping as they replicate the methods of cigarette smoking by initiating mouth to lungs vaping. Moreover, the puff activation feature just allows you to simply inhale and enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience.

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