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Göst Vapor is founded in 2015. Göst Vapor believes that creativity and innovation was the key to changing the vaping industry.

At Göst they believe that vaping is more than just an alternative. It’s a lifestyle. This is why they put in so much time in perfecting and crafting the best flavors and devices that the industry has to offer.

GÖST Vapors newest line; NÏC SALT is a High Concentration Salt Nicotine based line.

Unlike other Salt Nicotine lines, NÏC SALT doesnt use a set VG/PG ratio. NÏC SALT crafts each flavour differently for Open Pod Vaping Systems.

NÏC SALT is truly the apex of Salt Nicotine lines, that uses the best quality ingredients. Abole all, they tested extensively during production using multiple Open Pod Vaping Systems. For the best performance in these types of devices. The NÏC SALT line is the product of many months of research and testing from GÖST Vapors. They aim to produce an optimal performing product, that GÖST is proud to put their name on.

GÖST Vapors NÏC SALT uses a 59 miligrams of nicotine strength. Even though, they craft using different brands of Nicotine, for a smoother overall vape. The GÖST Vapors NÏC SALT line provides a sharp nicotine hit. Therefore that goes down smooth, for the perfect replacement of it’s analog version.

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